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1. I love eating ice-cream _______ summer
 A in B on C at D between

2. Where ____ my small brother?
 A has B are C is D do

3. ________is cold in winter in some countries.
 A It B There C Some D He

4. Listen! Betty is _______________.
 A sung B song C sings D singing

5. Do you have ________ money left?
 A some B many C any D few

6. He _________ his new boss yesterday.
 A isn’t meeting B will not meet C did not met D did not meet

7. My ____________ is a writer. His books are bestsellers.
 A uncle B aunt C sister D mother

8. The beach was very crowded ____ Monday.
 A in B on C at D to

9. I ____ the new Batman film yet. Is it any good?
 A didn’t see B will not have seen C wasn’t seeing D haven’t seen

10. Tom got the ____ marks in the class for his homework.
 A baddest B most bad C worst D worse

11. Could I possibly ____ some money for the bus fare home? I’ve lost my bag.
 A lend B borrow C owe D steal

12. I ____ for arriving so late but I was caught up in a traffic jam in the town centre.
 A regret B sorry C apologize D afraid

13. I decided to give ____ smoking. It’s too bad for the health.
 A in B up C behind D way

14. He could not come to the party ____ some troubles at work.
 A due to B instead of C in case of D with regard to

15. If you _____________ to keep a secret, I will tell you a fascinating story.
 A promised B will promise C had promised D promise

16. You should be very proud ____ what you’ve achieved over the last year.
 A of B for C to D -

17. Look out for a petrol station because I think we’re going to run ____ of petrol soon.
 A down B out C off D through

18. I really wish people ____ dump litter in front of our house. We have to clear it up every day.
 A won’t B don’t C haven’t D didn’t

19. If my brother hadn’t left the tickets at home, we ____________ to the concert on time.
 A would arrive B would have arrived C could have been arriving D couldn’t have ever arrived

20. This company _______ by John Smith in 1956.
 A was founded B was being founded C is founded D is being founded

21. Bob and Sally __________ their living room redecorated next week.
 A are doing B were doing C are having D were having

22. Don’t forget to ____ the bus at Station Road.
 A go off B take up C get off D make up

23. I really enjoy ____ new languages and I’d like to learn Italian soon.
 A learning B to learn C leaned D learn

24. I’m sorry to trouble you but I was wondering what ____ .
 A time it is B the time was C is the time? D was the time?

25. By the time I hand in this project, I ____ on it for three weeks!
 A ’ll be working B ’ll have been working C have worked D ’ll work

26. Joel came back from his holiday in Brazil looking really _____.
 A tanned B sunned C coloured D darkened

27. Our neighbours aren’t very approachable, and _____ particularly quiet!
 A neither they aren’t B either they aren’t C nor are they D neither are they

28. We lost our way in that village and we felt as if we were __________!
 A in the centre of nowhere B in the middle of nowhere C nowhere in the middle D lost in the nowhere

29. I was very relieved when my luggage ______ after two days.
 A put up B turned out C turned up D set up

30. Before you enter the competition, please bear in _____ that you’re not as young as you used to be!
 A thought B question C mind D head

31. The meeting with the boss was _____ and not very interesting.
 A time-wasting B time-consuming C time-efficient D out of time

32. The weather has been awful. We’ve had very _____ sunshine this summer
 A little B a little C few D a few

33. He is a fountain of energy, always full of _________________.
 A peas B bees C steam D beans

B Word Formation

Use the words in brackets to form words, which fit in the gap. Use CAPITAL LETTERS only.

34. Whenever I take the book, I start suffering from acute (BORE)

35. Florida is in the United States (SOUTH)

36. All my life I wanted to help species to survive. (DANGER)

37. He suffered from a of memory after an accident. (LOSE)

38. I cannot help you in this question. (FORTUNE)

39. I am looking for the job which can give me greater (FLEXIBLE)

40. This job offers a of opportunities. (VARY)

C Read the text and choose the correct answer for each gap
0 A far B distant C remote D distinct


The elephant has some (0) ..B... relatives called mammoths, which lived in the Stone Age. More than
15,000 years ago people painted pictures of them on cave walls. Then, astonishingly, in 1799, a man
walking along the banks of the River Lena in Siberia (41) ….. a startling discovery. Peering into a wall of
ice, he could (42) ..... see the shape of a massive, hairy mammoth, apparently (43) ..... at him. He
immediately ran (44) ..... in terror, but several days later he (45) ..... the courage to return and cut the
mammoth’s tusks – its two enormous teeth – out of the ice to sell them.

 A made B took C did D had

 A rather B quite C well D just

 A watching out B looking out C looking after D watching over

 A across B out C away D past

 A grew B felt C experienced D found

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1. Justin Bieber _____ in concert at the city hall tonight. Tickets were sold out within ten minutes of being put online.
 A appears B has appeared C will appear D is appearing

2. I think I _____ this film before, but I cannot be sure of that.
 A might have been seeing B had seen C saw D have seen

3. Your essay _____ in on Tuesday. Why wasn’t it on my desk?
 A should be B must have been C should have been D could be

4. Can you tell me what the job _____ ? I am eager to know all the facts.
 A occupies B encloses C entails D implicates

5. The man’s choice to run away virtually _____ to an admission of guilt.
 A resulted B came C amounted D added

6. I recommend that he ______ out the information for the courses online. He can later ask all the relevant questions.
 A checking B checks C check D for checking

7. The company _____ its waste by over 80% this year.
 A diminished B reduced C dwindled D dried up

8. People _____ to be less tolerant of parties, the older they get.
 A bound B inclined C tend D apt

9. The information he gave us was _____ useless. All our efforts were in vain.
 A deeply B utterly C extremely D painfully

10. You’ll be pleased to know that you are _____ for a scholarship if you wish to apply.
 A entitled B eligible C appropriate D particular

11. I have to stress that the _____ is on you to achieve the sales figures each month.
 A onus B charge C duty D liability

12. We are _____ to the fact that we will never scale the heights, but we are happy nevertheless.
 A resistant B resilient C resigned D relieved

13. Don’t interrupt me, you’ll break my _____ of thought.
 A train B track C trace D trail

14. The law needs to act as a _____ to criminals if it is going to be effective.
 A evasion B detraction C prevention D deterrent

15. As they travelled across the _____ landscape, each one of them wondered how it was possible to grow anything there.
 A barren B bustling C grimy D mundane

16. The new company had been _____ with one problem after another and looked as if it were about to go downhill.
 A glorified B tainted C fraught D bewildered

17. The office was closed for a week for refurbishment and now the staff have to deal with the _____ that built up during their absence.
 A backbone B backlog C backlash D backdrop

18. What sets him _____ from the others is his ability to take the initiative and deal with problems instantly.
 A away B apart C out D back

19. In the _____ of what we now know, his decision was definitely the right one to make at that time.
 A light B hope C view D result

20. No one ought _____ until we were sure of the results.
 A have contacted B have been contacted C to have contacted D to have been contacted

21. It _____ have been you in the shop because I recognised your coat when I looked through the window.
 A can’t B should C wouldn’t D must

For questions 22–29, read the sentences below. Use the word given in CAPITALS at the end of each sentence to form a word that fits in the space.

22. His paintings tend to be of the Asian (LAND)

23. A silence descended on the valley before the hurricane arrived. MYSTERY

24. The of the children was a prime concern to the team of volunteers who arrived at the orphanage to help.

25. Young children should be from eating fast food too often as it is of great harm to their health. COURAGE

26. During her childhood she suffered a lot of when she lost touch with her family. HARD

27. My mother threw away my new jeans because they had tears in them, or so she thought. She didn’t know it was the fashion. MISTAKE

28. He has behaved despicably and his will be punished. CONDUCT

29. When the boat capsized, the boy felt utterly and had no idea whether he was going to reach the shore. HELP

For questions 30-40, read the text below and think of the word that best fits each space. Use only one word in each space.


The world is full of fascination for a child, as any parent with a toddler will know. (30) moment children discover the word “Why”, there seems to be no end to the number of times they will use it, as it is their passport to understanding the world. They are absorbed (31) everything around them, if (32) for a few moments and, unfortunately, most of us are unable to satisfy their curiosity and we often get annoyed with the endless questioning. (33) that I am a parent, however, I’ve noticed that my son asks me in (34) a way that I cannot refuse to answer and I connect to the Internet to find the answer, no (35) what the question. There’s no (36) trying to make things up off the top of my (37) , as my son will only repeat it to his teacher and I don’t want to get it wrong. I have discovered things I had long forgotten, things I never knew and some things I’d (38) forget! In (39) of this, I’ve also learned that if we (40) the trouble to look at the world through a child’s eyes, we might recapture some of that past magic of our childhoods.

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1. Все нижеперечисленные буквы могут соединяться с буквами слева, кроме одной:
 A أ B غ C ج D ك

2. Все нижеперечисленные буквы не могут соединяться с буквами слева, кроме одной:
 A د B ذ C ر D ه

3. Какая из нижеперечисленных букв является первой буквой в словах означающих «любовь», «лошадь», «район»
 A ح B خ C ف D ط

4. Какие две буквы являются фонетической комбинацией мягкого и твердого звуков?
 A أ- خ B ك – ل C س – ص D و – ر

Дополните предложения правильным ответом

5. أنا _____ سميرة تحسين.
 A اسمي B اسمه C اسمها D اسمنا

6. مرحبا يا سميرة, ________؟
 A أنا بخير B كيف الحال C صباح الخير D مساء النور

7. أنا أدرس في ______ جيدة
 A مرس ة B مدسرة C مدرسة D مدرس ة

8. لدي ولد و بنت. ____ في الصف الثالث و عمره 8 سنوات.
 A بنتي B أبي C ابني D أختي

9. 9- كان هناك 10 _____ في المستشفى
 A ممرضون B ممرضات C ممرضتان D ممرضان

10. زوجي ________ يعمل في شركة تجارية حديثة
 A طبيب B كاتب C مغن D محاسب

11. كارولين من مديتة روما. كارولين ______
 A ايطالي B أيطالينو C ايطالية D ايطاليين

12. _______, كيف كانت رحلتك؟
 A مبروك! B الحمد الله على السلامة! C عيد سعيد! D بالتوفيق!

13. أن جدي حكيم ولكنه _____
 A عنيد B رشيق C طيب D كريم

14. يوجد في المطبخ _____ حديث و كبير.
 A غسالة B طاولة C نافذة D براد

15. أنا مساعد مدير في _____ ثلاث نجوم
 A فندق B مصنع C محل D مكتب

16. Какое из нижеперечисленных слов женского рода
 A نهر B كرسي C طاولة D بيت

17. Какое из нижеперечисленных слов во множественном числе
 A مهندس B نافذة C أقلام D مصنع

18. Поставьте нижеперечисленные слова в правильном порядке: أنا – أمريكا – من
 A أمريكا أنا من B أنا من أمريكا C من أنا أمريكا D أمريكا من أنا

19. Составьте правильно вопрос: أنت – هل – من – مصر ؟
 A هل مصر من انت؟ B من مصر هل انت؟ C هل انت من مصر؟ D انت هل من مصر؟

20. Какое из перечисленных слов является лишним: خالة - أخت – جدة – نجار
 A خالة B أخت C جدة D نجار

21. Какое из перечисленных слов является лишним: حمام – خيمة – كلب – قطة
 A حمام B خيمة C كلب D قطة

22. Выберите правильные прилагательные для данного существительного: بيت
 A كبير و ثقيل B صغير و جائع C كبير و جميل D جميل و خفيف

23. Выберите правильные прилагательные для описания данного слова: حقيبة
 A قديمة و ثقيلة B قديمة و خفيف C جديدة و صغير D سعيدة و ثقيلة

24. Выберите правильный вариант отрицательной формы данного предложения: هناك سيدة في محل الحلويات
 A هناك سيدة ليس في محل الحلويات B لا يوجد محل الحلويات في السيدة C ليس هناك سيدة في محل الحلوبات D لا سيدة هناك في محل الحلويات

25. Выберите правильный вариант отрицательной формы данного предложения: سامر يتكلم الفرنسية
 A سامر يتكلم لا الفرنسية B سامر ليس الفرنسية يتكلم C الفرنسية لا تتكلم سامر D سامر لا يتكلم الفرنسية

26. Образуйте из данного предложения вопрос: يعمل توفيق في أيام العطلة.
 A من يعمل توفيق في ايم العطلة؟ B لماذا يعمل توفيق في أيام العطلة؟ C هل أيام العطلة يعمل توفيق؟ D في كيف يعمل توفيق أيام العطلة؟

27. Выберите правильный перевод данной фразы: «Я провел свое детство в маленькой деревне»
 A أمضيت طفواتي في قرية صغيرة B أنا طفولتي أمضيت في قرية صغيرة C أمضيت صغورتي في قرية لطيفة D أعطيت طفولتي للقرية الصغيرة

28. Выберите правильный перевод данной фразы: «Мы переехали в другой город»
 A اتقلو الى مدينة قريبة B انتقلو في مدينة كبيرة C انتقلنا الى مدينة أخرى D انتقلنا الى مدينة كبرى

29. Выберите противоположное значение أريكة فاخرة
 A أريكة بسيطة B أريكة فقيرة C اريكة حزينة D أريكة حديثة

30. Какая из нижеперечисленных форм соответствует простому настоящему времени глагола ساعد
 A أنا يساعد في أعمال المنزل B أنا أساعد في أعمال المنزل C أنا تساعد في أعمال المنزل D أنا تساعدين في أعمال المنزل

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Bitte markieren Sie die Losung auf dem Antwortblatt. Es gibt nur eine richtige Antwort.

1. Guten Tag, mein Name Christine
 A ist B sein C heiGe D heiGt

2. Wie geht es Ihnen?
 A Gut, und dir? B Danke, gut C Bitteschon. D Ich gehe gut

3. Welche Sprachen du?
 A sprechen B spricht C sprichst D sprecht

4. Robert drei Jahre alt
 A ist B sind C hast D haben

5. Das ist ein Buch. Buch kostet 10 Euro
 A Der B - C Die D Das

6. Da ist ein Schrank _______ ist groB.
 A Sie B Er C Die D Es

7. Die Lampe ist nicht schon. Sie ist ______
 A gemutlich B laut C hдsslich D toll

8. Ich wohne ersten Stock
 A aus B in C am D im

9. Wir heute eine Radtour
 A fahren B sind C gehen D machen

10. In Berlin viele Sehenswurdigkeiten
 A gibt es B sehen es C sind es D hat es

11. Ayse: Wann fдngt der Kurs an? Pierre: 18 Uhr.
 A Am B Bis C Von D Um

12. Am Wochenende:
 A Am Wochenende wir kaufen ein. B Am Wochenende kaufen wir ein. C Am Wochenende einkaufen wir D Am Wochenende einkaufen wir

13. Guten Tag, ich hдtte gern Orangensaft.
 A ein Glas B ein Netz C ein Stuck D eine Tute

14. Verkдufer: Was darf es sein? Kunde:
 A Danke, das ist alles. B Danke, nein. C Und vierzig Cent zuruck. D Ich hдtte gern zwei Kilo Apfel.

15. Martina: Ich suche Arbeit. Robert: Dann doch die. Stellenanzeigen.
 A lese B lest C liest D lies

16. Das kann Robert gut
 A Tennis Robert kann gut spielen. B Robert kann gut Tennis spielen C Robert kann spielen gut Tennis. D Robert kann gut spielen Tennis.

17. Ich gehe heute ____ Post.
 A zu B zu den C zum D zur

18. Kommt Frau Kuhn?
 A Was B Woher C Wohin D Wo

19. Gestern wir im Kino.
 A waren B seid C sind D war

20. Herr Phan geht zur Bank. Er muss Geld.
 A beraten B unterschreiben C uberweisen D bedienen

21. Ich habe morgen einen beim Arzt.
 A Besserung B Sprechzeit C Datum D Termin

22. Ich habe ein Handy. Ich brauche jeden Tag.
 A er B sie C es D ihn

23. Tom ist krank. Sein Kopf tut .
 A schlecht B sehr C Schmerzen D weh

24. Anja fдhrt mit Auto zur Arbeit.
 A dem B die C das D der

25. ____ man hier parken?
 A Darfst B Durft C Darf D Durfen

26. Am Wochenende ich ins Kino gegangen.
 A hatte B ist C bin D habe

27. Standesamt, Bьrgeramt und Auslanderamt sind.
 A Formulare B Behцrden C Gemeinden D Antrage

28. Das ist mein Fahrrad. Es gehцrt ________.
 A mich B ich C mein D mir

29. ___ T-Shirt mцchtest du kaufen?
 A Welchen B Welcher C Welche D Welches

30. Verkдuferin: Kann ich Ihnen helfen? Kundin: Ja, gern. Ich mцchte den ___ Pullover anprobieren.
 A roten B rote C rot D rotes

31. Kundin: Haben Sie Computerspiele? Verkдuferin: ______
 A Danke, ich schaue nur. B Ja, im vierten Stock. C Die Kasse ist dort hinten rechts. D Bis 20 Uhr.

32. Ich mache einen Spaziergang Altstadt.
 A ьber die B bei der C an der D durch die

33. Heute ist das Wetter schlecht. Es regnet
und die StraЯen sind.
 A heiЯ B windig C bewolkt D nass

34. Im Winter sind die Tage kьrzer im Sommer.
 A als B denn C wie D dann

35. Was gefдllt Ihnen : das Wetter in Deutschland oder das Wetter in Ihrem Herkunftsland?
 A groЯer B lieber C warmer D besser

36. Heute habe ich keine Zeit, morgen kцnnen wir uns sehen.

 A und B oder C denn D aber

37. Lesen Sie die Postkarte. Ist der Satz richtig oder falsch?
Liebe Claudia, viele GrьЯe aus Hamburg. Ich bin mit den Kindern zu meinem Bruder gefahren. Markus, mein Mann, hatte leider keine Zeit. Er muss die ganze Woche arbeiten.
Wir haben viel gemacht. Gestern haben wir einen Stadtbummel gemacht. Sehr interessant ist auch der Hafen. Morgen wollen wir eine Hafenrundfahrt machen.
Liebe GrьЯe von Susanne

38. Susanne ist mit ihrem Mann und den Kindern in Hamburg

 A richtig B falsch

39. Susanne hat mit den Kindern eine schцne Hafenrundfahrt gemacht.

 A richtig B falsch

40. Lesen Sie die Einladung. Ist der Satz richtig oder falsch?
Einladung zum Hoffest
Wie jedes Jahr wollen wir am Samstag, den 6. Juli, zusammen feiern. Getrдnke haben wir schon gekauft. Bringt bitte etwas zu essen und natьrlich Musik und gute Laune mit.
Robert und Maria aus dem 1. Stock.

41. Das Hoffest gibt es jedes Jahr.

 C richtig D falsch

42. Robert und Maria haben schon Essen und Getrдnke gekauft

 A richtig B falsch

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