Татьяна Валанде


Преподаватель английского языка

Образование: Горловский Государственный Педагогический Институт Иностранных Языков

Уровень владения языком: Advanced C1+

Опыт работы: 10 лет

Сертификаты: FCE (B2)

Стажировка: Великобритания

Фишка: Teaching with elegance and style.

Hi would-be Fusionists,

I am Tetiana and I am a high-energy, high-taste person who knows how to create on the lessons ‘the right amount of wrong’ and achieve the most daring results students set for themselves. I am an advocate of the idea that English acquisition is impossible without a smile and a good mood which I ensure all students invariably have.

Therefore, I do my utmost to establish an environment where students unleash the best and productively engage with English. I teach them to be guided by the words: ‘Don’t think outside the box. There is no box’.

Thus, never say that English is not for you. You have just not been to my lesson yetJ



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