Оксана Дмитряк

Преподаватель английского и польского языков

Образование: Донецкий Национальный Университет

Уровень владения языком: Advanced C1+

Опыт работы: 2 года

Сертификаты: FCE (B2), CAE (C2)

Стажировка: Турция, Кипр

Фишка: British Council invigilator on IELTS examination

Hi there,

As a Language Instructor at Exam Preparation Center Fusion Language Group, I am committed to creating such learning environment where students will be able to thrive. I invariably get goose bumps when I find out about outstanding results my students get or highly flattering endorsement the school receives among various business experts. I can’t imagine feeling tired after a 10-hour working day because this daily interaction and exposure to creativity charges me with positive energy and vitality.

Still have doubts? Common on, don’t you know that lady luck favours the one who tries;)

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