Ильяна Аль-Масуд



Преподаватель английского и арабского языков

Образование: Дамасский Национальный Университет (BA in English language and literature, MA in World Drama)

Уровень владения языком: Proficiency C2+

Опыт работы: 7 лет

Сертификаты: BEC Higher (A), Certificate of Financial English, Advertising and Society (Duke University)

Стажировка: Дамаск (Сирия)

Фишка: A bilingual teacher. Languages are in my blood!


There is nothing better to describe you than the words of people who go through thick and thin with you)

So here is ‘me’ in the eyes of my dear students

“Intelligent, experienced and smart teacher, who wishes to give as much knowledge as she can.  I sincerely believe, that lessons I have with Ilyana, outwit every other possible way of learning English. I also would like to add that she always has got my back and was truly understanding.” Kate Parhamchuk (CAE)

“I do enjoy my English lessons with Ilyana. Her style of teaching is very modern and effective one. But the most important thing is that Ilyana likes her job and does her best to help her students improve English.” Elena (BEC Higher)

“Ilyana is an amazing teacher. She keeps being bright, cheerful even on a very dull day, spreading happiness around her. We really like her pronunciation with no accent and the way she teaches us to improve our English skills.” Danilovi Olga and Danil (CAE)

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