Анна Исаева

Ann Isaeva

Старший Преподаватель

Образование: Лондонский Университет (бизнес образование), Горловский Государственный Педагогический Институт Иностранных Языков

Уровень владения языком: Proficiency C2+

Опыт работы: 7 лет

Сертификаты: CPE (A), CAE (A), IELTS (8.5), GRE (VR:95%, AW:93%), TOEFL (118), TKT и др.

Стажировка: Великобритания

Фишка: Cambridge ESOL Oral Examiner

Hi Fusionists and those about to convert)))

Faced with task of making a personal profile, I turned to my students as they are the best judges of character in my opinion. Here is the result. Enjoy)))

‘Ann is crazy, really. So imaginative, just a bundle of energy in the classroom, able to set everybody on fire’ – Anna Degtyaryova (CPE)

‘Ann is the best teacher who is full of beans but there is a minus I have to mention: Be warned! She gives too much stuff to learn!’ Galina Mandra (FC E)

‘The best of the best!!!’ Valeriy Slavinskiy (CPE)

‘Annie is an energetic and dynamic person who produces ideas one by one but sometimes speaks so fast that it seems that we are learning Chinese’ Olga Starchenko & Tatyana Zhuravskaya (pre-intermediate)


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