Екатерина Зинченко


Катя Зинченко

Teaching for me is not only about explaining grammar or vocabulary, it’s also about inspiration and cooperation.

I’m passionate and enthusiastic about what I do. I love my job because not only do I teach but also I learn a lot from my students as well, so it’s a win-win process for me.

As I’m learning other foreign languages myself, I never forget how my students might feel and the challenges they might face, so it’s important to give them confidence and self-belief.

Apart from teaching I am learning acting, thus I introduce some of drama techniques into the learning process, which makes my lessons fun and relaxed, but still prepared and organized. Through drama we simulate real-life situations, work on creativity and as a result, students learn much more than just English. And what is more important, it’s heaps of fun! J

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